“Shocking Twist: 21 Indian Students Sent Back from the US Overnight! The Startling Truth Behind Their Visa Ordeal!”

“USA Repatriates Indian Students Following Allegations of Visa Irregularities, Issues Stern Warning of ‘Severe Legal Consequences’

Indian Students Sent Back from the US: Recent reports have revealed that the United States has taken the decision to send back 21 Indian students to India in a single day. The stated reason behind this action points to “irregularities in visa and documentation.” These affected students, hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are asserting that all their paperwork was meticulously arranged, and they were journeying to the US after securing admission to their respective colleges.

Sources from The Economic Times have indicated that immigration officials stationed at airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco meticulously reviewed the students’ documentation. Following this thorough scrutiny, the students were temporarily detained and subsequently instructed to return to their homeland.

The students have expressed their perplexity, as they were not provided with any concrete rationale for this unexpected directive. This has led them to speculate that some gaps might exist within their paperwork.

As of now, neither the US government nor the Indian government has issued an official statement regarding this concerning matter. According to The Hindu, these incidents transpired between August 12 and 16. The students who were inexplicably sent back have recounted that immigration authorities delved into their mobile phones, scrutinized WhatsApp conversations, examined laptops, and probed social media profiles.

Furthermore, these students were strongly advised to exit the country discreetly and discouraged from protesting the decision. A stark warning of potential serious legal consequences was conveyed to them should they choose to defy this directive. Interestingly, the majority of these affected students were en route to the University of Missouri and South Dakota.

During their time at the airport, these students were subjected to detailed interrogations concerning their educational pursuits, visa interviews, educational loans, and the consultants they had sought assistance from during the admission process. Subsequently, they were held in temporary custody and then repatriated to Delhi on the following day.

Immigration Officer Accused of Inappropriate Conduct At present, these students have returned to their homeland, India. During interactions with the media, they shared their distress, highlighting that foreign students who are immediately sent back from the US face a disconcerting ban of 5 years.

Consequently, these students are understandably grappling with heightened concerns about their educational and professional trajectories. A student who experienced this unsettling incident at Atlanta’s airport recounted instances of odd behavior exhibited by immigration officials, including their refusal to address questions in certain instances.

According to The Hindu, the student further asserted that this forceful action was taken despite having their documentation thoroughly vetted and endorsed by both the embassy and the university. Notably, in the weeks prior, numerous students had embarked on their journeys for international studies from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The airport authorities and local police have clarified that due to the large gatherings of students on Independence Day, a cautionary advisory was released regarding the protocols for accompanying passengers.”

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