Sharon Osbourne calls Ashton Kutcher rudest celebrity she’s met : describing him as a “troublesome character.”

Sharon Osbourne doesn’t mince words when it comes to controversial questions, unlike many other celebrities. During an interview with E! News recently, the former co-host of “The Talk,” who is now 70, played a game where she was asked to name the rudest celebrity she has ever encountered.

Without hesitation, Osbourne pointed out a certain actor married to an actress who once starred in “That 70’s Show.” Her daughter, Kelly, chimed in, suggesting that she might be talking about Ashton Kutcher. Osbourne confirmed, labeling Kutcher as a “rude, rude, rude, rude little boy.” Her response left the show’s hosts Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Kelly herself in shock, as they were clearly not prepared for such a candid answer.

Osbourne didn’t stop there; she also referred to Kutcher as a “dastardly little thing.” The statement garnered attention, prompting USA TODAY to reach out to Kutcher for a response.

This isn’t the first time Osbourne has expressed her unfavorable opinion of Kutcher. In a 2018 interview with Larry King, she mentioned her less-than-pleasant experience with him during a previous celebrity encounter. Osbourne recalled how Kutcher had a “bad attitude” when she mistakenly got his name wrong.

When confronted, Kutcher had questioned her industry accomplishments, which didn’t sit well with Osbourne. She responded assertively, warning him not to start with her, as she could easily handle the situation. Osbourne left Kutcher with the message that he didn’t fully comprehend the caliber of person he was dealing with.

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