Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Reveals Shocking Truth About Her Struggles After Mother’s Death

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, has openly discussed her personal journey through grief, sharing her experiences a year after her mother’s passing. In an Instagram Reel published on August 19th, she spoke candidly about her struggles.

Lattanzi acknowledged that she has faced challenges since her mother’s passing and the year and a half during which her mother battled cancer. She expressed remorse for not returning calls from friends and for her inconsistency in various aspects of her life as she copes with her difficulties.

She has experienced memory loss and difficulty getting out of bed. While she has kept her commitments, she admitted to neglecting her own well-being. She emphasized that one of the vital lessons her mother taught her was the significance of self-care, stressing that without taking care of herself, she cannot provide others with love, wisdom, kindness, and strength.

Lattanzi revealed her plan to take a hiatus from social media after the upcoming Olivia’s Walk for Wellness event in Melbourne, Australia, scheduled for early October. This event raises funds for programs that support individuals dealing with cancer treatment side effects and help them thrive during their journey.

Olivia Newton-John, a Grammy Award-winning artist and beloved actress renowned for her role as Sandy in “Grease,” passed away at the age of 73 in August 2022 due to her prolonged battle with breast cancer.

Chloe Lattanzi, born to Olivia Newton-John and her first husband, Matt Lattanzi, shared that after the walk event, she intends to step away from public platforms for about three weeks. She aims to prioritize her mental, physical, and spiritual well-being as she addresses emerging health concerns.

In reflecting on the past year, Lattanzi recently disclosed that while the pain of loss remains, she’s gradually recalling cherished memories with her mother. She shared a compilation video on her Instagram account that showcased moments shared with her mother over the years, offering solace to those who have lost or are losing their mothers.

In an earlier joint interview on the “Today” show with Hoda Kotb and her mother’s husband, John Easterling, Lattanzi expressed her deep love for her mom and the profound impact Olivia Newton-John had on countless lives. She recalled their heartfelt moments, including her mother’s final words and the humor they shared even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

This candid revelation from Chloe Lattanzi reminds us of the enduring strength that arises from shared memories and the importance of self-care during times of immense grief.

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