Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ is a no-skip album, and these 2 songs are the best of the bunch

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ is a captivating album with two standout tracks. Rodrigo’s sophomore release delves into emotions and authenticity.

The album title, “Guts,” suggests bravery and emotional openness. Rodrigo’s 12-song offering explores vulnerability while addressing the challenges of fame, intensified by her Grammy-winning debut and “Drivers License” success.

Rodrigo’s confessional lyrics and edgy pop have made her a Gen Z icon, yet her cross-generational popularity has added complexity to her journey. From the striking “All-American Bitch” to the introspective “Teenage Dream,” Rodrigo balances sarcasm and tenderness.

Handling her own songwriting, Rodrigo’s lyrics range from blunt humor to heart-wrenching emotion. Musically, she maintains her signature blend of pop and melodic punk.

While every track on “Guts” is noteworthy, two songs stand out:

  1. “Making the Bed”: This piano ballad delves into the complexities of youth, self-doubt, and fame. Rodrigo’s authenticity shines through, making the listener empathize with her struggles.
  2. “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”: Despite its lyrical themes of insecurity, this ’80s-inspired pop track features a catchy beat, soaring chorus, and Rodrigo’s impressive vocal range. It’s relatable to audiences of all ages.

In summary, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts” is an outstanding album that highlights her emotional depth and musical prowess.

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